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Treating Post Acne Marks (PIE)

Post inflammatory erythema, or PIE for short, is a condition that can drive even the most sane individuals to sanity. And no, it's not because we've run out of ice-cream (although that would definitely warrant a few tears). But, if you're someone who's experiencing PIE, and are on the lookout for some informative yet entertaining discussion about the subject, you've stumbled upon the right blog.

So, what is PIE exactly? Well, it's basically the redness that's left behind after an acne breakout. It's the kind of redness that can stick around for longer than our hair to our shower drain. But, don't worry, we've got some fantastic insight for you that will help you in tackling it. Ready to dive deeper into the red sea? Let's go.

Firstly, let's discuss the "inflammatory" aspect of PIE. It's important to note that this redness isn't there simply because we decided to pick a fight with it. It's caused by inflammation in our skin, such as the kind that happens when we a breakout or other forms of skin trauma. Our sweet, sweet inflammation fighters called cytokines do their best to provide our skin with some first-aid, but they are also responsible for the red pigment that sticks around even after the initial flare-up subsides.

So, how does one tackle this stubborn redness? Fear not, my dear glow getter, we've compiled a few tips to put you on the road to clearer skin in no time. Firstly, it's important to be gentle with our skin. No harsh or overly abrasive scrubs. Instead, opt for gentle chemical exfoliants like Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask.

Another key recommendation is to add some antioxidants into your skincare routine. Vitamin C (Alto Defense Serum is our personal favorite!), niacinamide (our Daily Repair Pads are a holy grail for us and can be purchased in clinic!), green tea, and resveratrol are all powerful antioxidants that not only soothe our skin's inflammation but are also responsible for maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion.

Lastly, we suggest visiting your Zero Nine glow dealer for some guidance and direction on treatments, such as cold plasma, peels or microneedling, which can help reduce the redness and promote healing.

In conclusion, while PIE may seem like a never-ending battle, incorporating some powerful antioxidants and pigment inhibitors (Even Tone + Triple Repair are our personal favs) can certainly help in clearing up our red-tinted skin. And remember, while you're waiting for these powerhouse actives to do their work - there's always ice-cream.

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